Woolf Leather & Jewellery


Client:Woolf Jewellery Co

Type:Design, Branding,

Launching Soon In South Africa, Woolf is developing a range of leather and jewellery designs. We were tasked with creating a logo and look that can be taken on further to the website, tags, packaging and more for the brand.

Still in it’s early stages we’re excited to continue this project on an online platforms at a later stage.

We took a focused approach to create a symbol for them, the team at Woolf and Chriate were both very excited with the outcome. The symbol has the W for the brand, an angular look to match the metal designs in their jewellery and works as a stamp for leather and/or metal imprinting. The contrasting Woolf lettering combined with this really brings about the vibe of the Woolf brand and their designs.