Development, eCommerce


Link:Orbitkey Store


Chriate came together with the team at Orbitkey because they wanted to modernise and rework the UI and UX for their current eCommerce website.

With the goal of cleaning up the UI, providing more rich content for each product and making the purchasing of products quicker and easier on both desktop and mobile.


Implement modern Ajax Cart technology keeping users in the shopping area and making checkout easy from any page. Clean up the design and make sure all content is easily readable and updatable in the backend. Develop a template product system which enhances the products on individual product pages.


The website header and home page UI were both redesigned to offer a cleaner, modern image driven experience. The team at Orbitkey were keen on making their instagram account prominent, we also implemented a “Featured On” section with tooltipped reviews on hover


The individual product page had a major layout overhaul, this included swatches with single click variant swap, clean tab navigation, as well as a custom built template area to show off additional features of the product in a visually exciting way.