Design, Development


Type:Design, Development

Factorie came to us with the vision of a game style mobile experience/competition to coincide with their denim campaign.

The competition was to run for a short duration with users being able to upload denim selfies and vote on other entries.

Mobile First

Factorie had statistics from previous competitions that the majority of entries and visits were on mobile. We discussed the options of creating an app but decided on a mobile first website. This reduced the barriers for entry to the competition as anyone who visited the URL on their phone would have the “app” experience. As a competition running temporarily this was preferential for users.


Users could vote for other entries and immediately be shown the next one so they could continuously go through entries for voting and inspiration. The aim was to promote Factorie’s denim campaign as well as create a fun game like competition. We created denim promotions for girls and guys that occasionally appeared within the entries.


We developed a desktop version as an option for users so they were not limited to mobile. The upload process was streamlined for ease of entry. We also integrated calls to action to share entries and the competition on social media. The competition had a positive response with a large amount of entries and voting.